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Barbat is the first place on the island which you will see after getting off the ferry boat. It is on the very south of the island and it stretches along the sea belt next to the Barbat Canal. On its southern part it climbs up the gentle slopes of the hill Kamenjak, which is lower on that part. Judging by the remains of the former buildings, in this particular area once were very old settlements. Remains of the old fort and the small church of St. Damian, which is mentioned in the 14th century, could be seen on the hill of St. Damian. According to a legend, these ruins date back from the time of Greek settlements and there is high probability that there was a Greek military colony which the Greeks Sicilians had built in the 4th century BC. There is a story which tells that during one battle for this fort, the blood and wine were flowing from the fort to the sea. It is assumed that the ruins on the hill of St. Damian could be the remains of the ancient city Ptolomeus Collentum.

Barbat is surrounded by beautiful pebble beaches, there are beautiful relaxing coffe bars and the restaurants are supplied by the local fishermen. Barbat has its own holiday which is called “Karmenica” and it is celebrated on the 16th of July with rich gastronomic offer and live music for merry atmosphere which lasts all night.

Barbat is connected to the town of Rab with beautiful promenade along the seafront which is six kilometres long and is ideal for evening walks, morning bike rides or running for lovers of sports activities.